Why invest in a mezzanine floor?

ESS Mezzanine 1

Installation of a mezzanine floor in any warehouse or commercial space really maximises your space using height to your advantage.

Mezzanine flooring removes the need for extra investment in additional storage or moving to new premises.  If using the mezzanine floor for storage, you can store your pallets loaded with stock via a pallet gate or you can opt for shelving systems to stock smaller separate items.

Elevate have supplied and installed mezzanine flooring for a number of different sectors of industry including: -

  • Leisure    
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing

ESS Mezz 2

 Why choose Elevate Storage Solutions?  

Elevate partner with the leading manufacturers of mezzanine flooring and only supply the best quality at the best price.  With our fully qualified and experienced sales and installation team we can customize and install a solution that is the best fit for the customer.

We always aim to keep disruption to a minimum so as not to affect the day to day running of the clients business. 

Elevate can supply a number of flooring options; single tier, double tier, triple tier or more and can transform un used space above head height into a useable area.

We can also offer a number of mezzanine floor accessories including, pallet gates, hand rails, staircases, steel load plates, column casings (for fire rating), suspended ceilings (for fire ratings)

All our mezzanine floors are compliant with industry health and safety standards and regulations and satisfy building control.